Durango: Wild Lands


We’ve all wondered what it would be like to live among dinosaurs. According to Durango: Wild Lands, it would be pretty dangerous—and really fun.

This online game drops you into a universe filled with untamed frontiers and herds of prehistoric beasts. Players stumble into Durango through mysterious portals with nothing but the clothes on their backs—and you’re part of the newest crop of wayward wanderers.

You’re completely lost, woefully unprepared, and all out of food. Time to get wild!

Tame a dino and it becomes your new ride. Who needs a car?

That means making the best out of pointed sticks and clothing sewn from leaves. Fortunately, you’re never alone in Durango. Helpful mentors come out of the woodwork to lend you a hand. 

From spearfishing to taming dinosaurs, completing tasks for different survivor factions levels up your character and rounds out your skills. Before long you’ll have a full backpack and an island all to yourself, complete with firepits, a fenced-in range, and hand-built bungalows.

Scavenge after every hunt for valuable materials and bonus experience.

You’ll also have the freedom to decide how you survive. Are you a combat specialist or a builder? Or maybe you want to focus on other useful talents, like cooking or farming. Everything you do funnels into a skill tree spanning hundreds of abilities. Eventually your arsenal will expand from wooden clubs, torn jeans, and energy bars to massive bone swords, hand-crafted outfits, and 2-ton dino mounts.

Don’t be shy: You’ll need allies in Durango to hunt the game’s biggest beasts.

There’s even more in store for high-level players, like forming huge clans, throwing down in PvP combat, and tackling the game’s biggest beasts. Anyone up for a Brachiosaurus hunt?


Source: App Store Preview

Written by: Zygote


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