Love Nikki – Dress Up Queen


Looks can be deceiving. Case in point: Love Nikki—Dress Up Queen. Beneath its superficial exterior lies an incredibly dense role-playing game, where your enemies are dressed to kill.

Like any good RPG, Love Nikki lets players go on quests to unlock new items and take on more challenging foes. But instead of conventional swords and shields, your weapons are outfits. The more stylish, the more valuable—and the more powerful.

With Love Nikki’s countless outfits, you’re sure to find one that fits your fashion.

If you thought New York Fashion Week was tough, try combat in Love Nikki. Before each battle, choose an outfit style that matches certain parameters, like “flowing Eastern” or “polished professional.” This means picking the right clothes, as well as a complementary hairstyle and accessories. Small yellow bloblike creatures then judge your style based on how cute, warm, simple, and elegant it is. The player with the best outfit wins.

These aren’t just clothes—they’re complete ensembles.

Reap rewards, like rare clothes, by winning competitions. There are thousands of clothing options to mix and match, from casual items like jeans and T-shirts to futuristic metallic cyberpunk dresses. The game’s bright, anime-style graphics add glamour and sophistication.

In addition to its single-player story, Love Nikki lets you compete online or create ensembles pressure-free in the laid-back Free Dressing mode. However you choose to play, be sure to bring your A game—and some fabulous shoes.


Source: App Store Preview

Written by: Zygote


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