Meow Match: Puzzle Fever!


You dont need an excuse to play an excellent match-three puzzle game, but Meow Match gives you one anyway: The more levels you complete, the more you help an adorable gang of wide-eyed cartoon cats. All together now: Awww!

Winsome kitties, cuddly goldfish—is anything here notsuper-huggable? (Answer: No.)

Like a can of tuna mixed into a bowl of crunchy kibble, Meow Match combines two tasty types of fun. As you work your way through hundreds of cleverly crafted puzzle levels, you earn goldfish, which can be used to unlock upgrades for the cats’ sanctuaries. Pick out the perfect patio furniture for their backyard, or choose your favorite statue for the fountain in their swanky European villa. 

Befitting their mischievous nature, these feisty felines also have some impressive demolition skills. Matching long rows or columns of blue fish, pink bunnies, yellow leaves, and so on grants you explosive power-ups—from firecrackers that’ll take out adjacent gems to TNT that can shatter half the board in a single blast. There’s a satisfying variety of puzzles to paw at, like clearing a path for falling milk bottles or revealing lucky-cat statues hidden around the board.

The vivid visuals give the game the look of an animated series, and you can even dress up your ever-expanding crew in a variety of heart-meltingly cute costumes. If you’re feeling especially frisky, try tackling a batch of special levels that rank your skill against those of other players. It’s a fur-midable challenge—no kitten!


Source: App Store Preview

Written by: Zygote


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